Ever since the then 17-year-old Itty-Auf-Ex caught a strange virus in 1976 she is dammed to live as a Teenvampire: a mind forever young is embodied by an aged hybrid of Maggie Thatcher and your average housewife – a mix that certainly hasn’t softened her up!
The rebellious, angry, unbalanced, unfiltered raw passion of Teen-Itty has now joined forces with the grumpy, stubborn and foolish old-aged – only mildly infused with words of wisdom.

Brezel Goering (of Stereo Total) just recently caught some of her raw power on vinyl and released a Split 7“ with her grandsons and affiliates from Berlin, the Mommy Boys on his label Verboten in Deutschland comments: a couple of unlistenable, dilettante, badly produced and instantly slapped out songs – Verboten in Deutschland!

Listen to (and buy) the 7“ and some other songs here:

All her songs are recorded at home on a Korg MS20, drumming is a Korg Minipop.

17+17 is mixed by Istari Lasterfahrer and mastered as well as produced by Brezel Göring. Artwork by Itty Minchesta.

Witness the extremely silly performance:

Omi und die Boys at Teenitus-Festival 2012