About : Itty-Auf-Ex

Ever since the then 17-year-old Itty-Auf-Ex caught a strange virus in 1976 she is dammed to live as a Teenvampire: a mind forever young is forced to live within the body of an eldery woman: thus being a hybrid between Maggie Thatcher, Margaret Rutherford and just a touch of your average housewife - a quite challenging breed that certainly hasn't softened her up! The rebellious, unbalanced, unfiltered raw passion of Teen-Itty has now joined forces with the grumpy, stubborn and foolish old-aged - so people, beware!!

This is her (brandnew) anthem:

Itty recently produced a Split -7'' together with her grandsons and affiliates, also from Berlin, the infamous Mommy Boys and Brezel Göring (of Stereo Total) even released this sick product on his label Verboten in Deutschland. He comments:
'a couple of unlistenable, dilettantic, badly produced and instantly slapped out songs - Verboten in Deutschland!'

Here are a couple of songs from the 7'':

All her songs are recorded at home on a Korg MS20, drumming is a Korg Minipop.

17+17 is mixed by Istari Lasterfahrer and mastered as well as produced by Brezel Göring. Artwork by Itty Minchesta.